I Just Couldn’t Resist. . .

I just couldn’t resist. . .

I finally succumbed to the siren’s song of blogging. . . .

But I’m glad. For ages, I’ve wanted to update the information and look of my old website… I even began an overhaul and started studying CSS to try to incorporate… Pure torture.

That’s how I started my first blog post on New Year’s Day nineteen years ago after I was gifted my very own url. My first website was on angelfire — if anyone remembers that. I’m not sure how old I am in dog years, but in internet years? I’ve got to be ancient.

Blogging has changed since then. It’s much more polished, professional. It is now less about sharing a daily log of family activities, commentary on news, and thinking through big ideas with online friends.

Change is inevitable.

But I must confess,

We Fear Change

Even so, I just couldn’t resist. . .

Every day I have conversations with other moms — conversations filled with listening to worries about our children, concerns about the changing world, questions about how our faith shapes our families.

I invite you into the conversation here at CovMom.com. May these conversations point you to Christ and fill your heart with encouragement as you seek to nurture your children.

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