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  • Opinions

    Our opinions are built by pondering, using the material of knowledge, and evaluated by wisdom.

  • Praying Joy for Our Children

    Praying Joy for Our Children

    I designed this bookmark several years ago for a prayer retreat my friend hosted. While much of it was spent praying for one another, I’m sure you aren’t surprised that our kids were one of the main focuses of our prayers. My mother once told me, “The most important parenting I’ve done was on my…

  • God Trusts Us With His Children

    “When a child is born, God places in our arms something that He Himself loves very much; it is precious in His sight; He has a plan for it; it can do for Him the work that no one else can do. What a responsibility for us! God trusts us with His children, we have…

  • Core Concepts of Covenant Parenting

    Core Concepts of Covenant Parenting

    What is Covenant Parenting? And why does it matter? It is the idea that we are called to parent our children in light of God’s Covenant with His people and that our children are part of that covenant and are our brothers and sisters in Christ.